Monday, September 24, 2012

Never before the opposition had more possibility of winning
"Never before the opposition had more possibility of winning"
"Capriles is producing extraordinary evidence of courage, stamina, effort and conviction"

Rendón: Turnout is crucial (File photo)
Monday September 24, 2012  03:45 PM
A seasoned political consultant with 25 years of experience, including more than 5,000 polls, J.J. Rendón keeps track of the state of affairs in his country of origin, Venezuela.

What is your view of the election campaign as the presidential election is two weeks away?

There is a contrast relative to previous campaigns. I cannot see the same old effervescence and triumphalism of Chavezism. I can see an attempt to force situations involving oral steamrollers and a defensive stance. On the other hand, the expectation and fervor arisen by (challenger Henrique) Capriles (Radonski) and his courage to take on direct confrontation in key issues, such as ineptitude, ineffectiveness, unfulfilled promises and talkativeness. This has made the difference, both in the opposition and moderate and/or repented followers of President Hugo Chávez.

So, Capriles was right in a strategy that was much criticized.

When he said that welfare programs (the so-called missions) should remain yet upgraded, free from corruption and more efficient, some opposition sectors would be upset. Nevertheless, little by little they would realize that missions are people's asset that should be the banner not only of the government but of all Venezuelans.

Such a moderate, even speech, not replying to insults...

He does not reply yet puts him (President Chávez) in his place.

If the objectives and the strategy are right, therefore, victory is the logic result of such a successful endeavor.

Sure enough, the opposition has more choices than ever to win. I have no doubt about it. However you win or lose in an election and "it ain't over 'til it's over."

Are you suggesting that chance can change a fact?

No. I do not think that an election can be won on the eve. Capriles has enormous possibility of winning and he is doing right. We will see if such a mood will be materialized with a significant turnout of opposition voters, as well as moderate and disillusioned followers of President Chávez. When there are high abstention levels, the battle takes place between machineries. In this regard, the government economic power, as well as the mobilization of voters listed as followers may make the difference provided that people do not win. Now, therefore, if people go and cast their ballots, Capriles could win.

The problem lies in the contradictory findings of polls and the way of construing them.

But the environment, the morale, the mood, speaks a lot of the campaign. Nobody is to tell me that John McCain, at some point in his campaign thought that he could beat (US President Barack) Obama. Here, the environment is of a campaign full of good energy in the case of Capriles, well above Chávez's, which is ambivalent, with ups and downs, mistakes, adjournments.


A review of polls will show contradictions in construing the findings. I make emphasis on more qualitative and perhaps less technical components, yet based on reality.

In this regard, Capriles...

...has provided extraordinary evidence of featuring such attributes: courage, stamina, endeavor, closeness, humility, openness, tolerance, respect for voters, harmony and unity which tie all Venezuelans fed up of conflict and sterile promises.

Against a backdrop of general crisis, is not unusual that Chávez is still in the election contest?

It is not absurd at all, after 14 years of brainwashing, with an overwhelming media apparatus, superb discipline in a single message and an Oscar nominee for Best Actor, Chávez, who managed to get into Venezuelans' idiosyncrasy. And those who still believe in him are in a state of drowsiness and collective blindness. Furthermore, some suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome and got used to be mistreated and cheated. "Poor of my commander! It's not his fault. He is a nice guy," they would say. He might be or used to be so. However, after 14 years, it has been proved that he is either a liar and a manipulator or one of the most inept leaders in the history of humankind.

Translated by Conchita Delgado

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jimmy Carter: Get Lost, Stop Meddling In Venezuela!

Agree with this writting
vdebate reporter

Taken from:

I really take offense at Jimmy Carter coming out today, two weeks before the Venezuelan Presidential election and saying that “As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world”

First of all, he is talking about a process that took place eight years ago, for which he gave his blessing when there multiple evidences of fraud and wrong doing and for which his foundation tried to railroad the accusations and technical proof of fraud by holding a sham seminar on them.

I mean this is the same Jimmy Carter that after praising Chavez, came out and said he was disappointed with him, but then proceeded to give a stupid version of the 2002 events.

And I have to question his timing, given that he and his foundation are not observing the upcoming election, have not seen the changes that have been made to the system used in 2004 and has not been in Venezuela since that time. Why now? What is his motive? What basis does he have to say what he is saying? What prompted him to make that silly and false statement?

After all, he said nothing about the fascist Tascon/Chavez list when it was used to discriminate against thousands of Venezuelans. He has said nothing about the fact that the “best electoral system in the world” includes fingerprint machines which are only used to intimidate the population into believing that the Government may know how they voted.

Again, why now? Why try to give his blessing on the system two weeks before the election? What is his motive? Why give an opinion about something he is so out of touch with?

I suggest the former US President stop meddling with Venezuelan affairs and perhaps find sometime to read these papers or read this whole section of my blog, which shows that what he is saying is just a bunch of crap and that electoral process that he praises so much was tainted and he was partially responsible for the fact that the irregularities were not investigated right after the election, but were the effort of scientists and mathematician who did care about Venezuela and not just showing off.

Jimmy, please find something better to do and if you or any of your collaborators read this, please explain why you all of a sudden have to give an opinion without any recent contact with our electoral system. Once again, it makes you look dumb, tainted and I find it extremely fishy after your inconsistent previous record in Venezuela.

But should you want to reply, maybe you can clarify or try to clarify again if the Chavez Government ever gave the Carter foundation a donation. that was never answered properly (The denial went something like: “The Carter Center has never received a donation in connection with its role …”). But more importantly, please stop anyone from your foundation from saying things which are not true about Venezuela, you have played a very sad role in Venezuela, you should be ashamed.

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