Monday, April 22, 2013

Karygiannis requests Emergency Debate on Venezuelan Election Results

Karygiannis requests Emergency Debate on Venezuelan Election Results ... He knows the reality of our corrupted government.. The legitimate president is "Henrique Capriles: vdebate reporter

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Venezuelans go to the Polls for Change or Status Quo

We are voting for "Change"
You can read it at:
E D I T O R I A L and O P I N I O N
Venezuelans go to the Polls for Change or Status Quo
by Jerry Brewer
It would be very difficult to believe that the Venezuelan people would not seek this election date of Sunday April 14, 2013 to make a huge change in political direction to rid themselves and their nation from over a decade of misery, aggressive government control, and corruption.  Corruption and lies that have squandered billions of dollars in massive oil wealth without explanation or documentation. Those Venezuelan officials and rogue leftist leaders rewarded handsomely by the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s generosity, can’t be expected to prop a financially strapped nation up by reciprocating gifts of money. The majority of those nations such as Cuba, still cling to their own sinking ship.
The likes of Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, Argentina’s misguided Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the Castro brothers of Cuba, and other Chavez friends such as Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won’t be mailing in checks.
The Chavez legacy is shameful-rivaling Fidel Castro’s Cuba. It must be seen as one of the most corrupt regimes in the history of Latin America. With a once proud nation of over 30 million people, Venezuela now imports around 70 percent of its food.  Shoppers cannot count on routinely finding sugar to purchase from the shelves.
Hugo Chavez’s lies and deception for votes promised that Venezuela would be turned into a self -sufficient food-exporting power in the world. Venezuelans now find it hard to find milk and butter and now imports half of its beef. His socialist revolution expropriated farms forcing many of the poor into the cities. Massive weapons expenditures were the order of the day for the Chavez regime and continue to this day on an annual basis. Although there is no visible enemy even remotely threatening the homeland, the Russians and other wealthy nations get richer by Venezuela’s government‘s insane and reckless spending, while the people suffer. Another major concern are the assertions and accusations by many that Venezuela’s weapons acquired have little quality control or accountability. Venezuela’s murder rate alone is one of the highest in the world, with a reported 900 weapons recently taken from a Venezuelan prison.
How can the Venezuelan voters fail to turn out in masses to rid their homeland of over a decade of failures and a political system that has raped the Venezuelan homeland of much of its pride and dignity?
A clear reminder of the Chavez rule of Venezuela is Chavez having taken up the banner of Fidel Castro’s original failed revolution as his own for Venezuela; inheriting the legacy of atrocities, human rights abuses, shameful misery, and free-world ridicule. The true results of Chavez's leftist rule until death (1999-2013*) have been some of the most devastating in Venezuela's history, with the poor continuing to live below the poverty line, in squalor, unsafe homes, with little food and rolling blackouts of electricity, All of this with massive oil revenues that can’t be accounted for.  
Although the late Hugo Chavez refused to answer for or remotely explain his fiscal actions; nor openly debate rival candidates for office; the problem lives on and the rule of law is still lacking. The decision for Venezuelan citizens to force change or to accept much more of the usual is up to the min an electoral process that some believe lacks competent oversight.  A clear message to the current regime and those rogue leftist nations represented on Venezuelan soil- such as the 5,000 Cuban troops sent last year; should either welcome them or send them packing.
United States of America
 Jerry Brewer is C.E.O. of Criminal Justice International Associates, a global threat mitigation firm headquartered in northern Virginia. His websiteis located at  www,
TWITTER: @cjiausa 

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