Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Letter to Oliver Stone

I agree 100% with this letter
vdebate reporter

Mr. Stone,

I turn to you through this letter as just one more outraged Venezuelan citizen and I say Venezuelan not because I live here but because I was born here. I’m not outraged by you liking Chavez since everybody is free to care for whoever they want. Neither because I oppose this regime, nor for the money you have received by the commander to make your documentary outlining the so called goodness of socialism. The only reason for my outrage is the fact that in your documentary you insolently lie. Even though you are the holder of Academy Awards and obviously you have worldwide recognition as well as fame and fortune, you lack of humanity, dignity and honesty.

As a Venezuelan, it is my duty to defend what’s mine, my land and my people: those people divided by colors, the red and the multicolor. You ignore the poverty and the immense tragedy that day by day us Venezuelans live. But I’m not talking about the opposition only, I’m talking about ALL of us because chavistas and non-chavistas every single day have to endure violence, unemployment, hunger, bad education and the terrible panorama of our health system. As well as observing how every day, our media outlets are closed down for not sharing the opinion of the government.

You chose to outline in your documentary the tyranny with a leader who despises his people who really are the victimes here. Do you know about the political prisoners we have today in Venezuela thanks to this regime? Innocent people who share the jails with criminals and murderers, only for demanding justice. Do you know how human rights are violated here, every day and in every corner of all our states?

How wonderful it must be to travel to Venice as a wealthy tourist spending the money that belongs to the country, while here we all suffer for having so many needs. This dictator is so shameless, he says his government is for the poor when he makes fun of our people by staying at one of the most luxurious hotels: Deas Bains with the money the Venezuelan country needs so badly and attending the Venice Film Festival as an honorable man when we have daily demands for the lack of the basic services that his government refuses to give us, basic services any nation deserves: water, electricity, sanitation, security, employment, housing… Nothing works here but we don’t get answers, only silence from that great socialism that you brag about in your documentary.

You lie so openly. For some strange reason you are smitten with Chavez. There is no doubt that the abundant dollars that he has at his disposal to attract supporters have also bought you off. But to make a documentary packed with lies about what we live in Venezuela which we can substantiate? The war here gives little by little. We have an exuberant number of selective homicides and torture on the hands of the government ever since they took power, immeasurable violence on the part of that immoral being whom you worship… to whom you adulate for being so generous with money that does not belong to him. That money that you received, and that perhaps you will continue to receive, that money, Mr. Movie Director belongs to the Venezuelan people. But what do you care? You don’t hurt for this land.

I invite you to come to Venezuela but without an escort and without the government help. Just bring your camera and a microphone. Come so we can visit the barrios that cover the Great Caracas. Only that would be enough for you to tell the truth. Come and visit our hospitals, our schools, walk our streets so you can make a real movie, showing the truth which you did not do with the last one.

According to Chavez, Mr. Stone, you’re a genius… I wonder what he would call you if you had the courage of speaking the truth. I’m sure you wouldn’t like the insults very much… let alone the fact that he wouldn’t pay you that obscene amount of money that you got this time… instead he would prosecute you, threaten you and torture you. That’s better I guess, to get paid to tell lies. That profession in my country has a name…

Where you see him, there in Venice, trying to speak well and pretending so much… he does it while here in our country he offends us all, he insults us and he orders his officials to attack us with the “good” (toxic) tear gas when we protest pacifically about something. Come here pal, so we can help you see and feel THE TRUTH! That infamous Chavez has only brought into our land hate and division among our people, something never heard of to us… brothers fighting, hating each other, killing each other because of what this dictator has instigated and planted in weak minds.

I say goodbye to you without any affection. The truth is, even if you had been honest, our situation cannot be fixed by a documentary. We have to do it because this dictator will be taken out by the people. We will see then where you stick your sham.

P.D. A picture says more than a thousand communist-ish words. You can visit my blog: www.ovario.wordpress.com so you can learn about our situation. I’m leaving here for you some videos about the real crisis of Venezuela with its needs, its pain… Do you know why Venezuela is on the 2nd place? Not because of our beautiful women who become beauty queens overseas but because of the crime… we are the 2nd most dangerous country in the world. Here you have a few videos so you can entertain and educate yourself… go make documentaries about India or Iraq, not about Venezuela. Show some respect for the pain and suffering of the Venezuelan people and stop promoting in public this sorry sabaneta dictator just because he bribes you.

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